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Djerba Island & The Sahara (10 days)

from only £499


4x4 wheel drive







Day 1 Flight London to Tunis 

Transfer to the Hotel in Hammamet


Day 2 Hammamet Kairouan Gafsa Tozeur

Today we start the tour by visiting one of the most important cities in Tunisia, Kairouan. Considered as the fourth holy city, after Makkah medina and Jerusalem, Kairouan is the starting point of the Arabian and Islamic culture and influence across north Africa and to Spain. We spend for a half a day visiting it's best landmarks, namely the great mosque of Sidi Oqba Ibn Nafi built in 67o AD , the aghlabid pools or water cistern built in the 9th Century AD, the mausoleum of the companion and barber of the prophet Muhammad PBUH. Finally we take a stroll and orientation tour in the world heritage Medina the old holy city of kairouan. Very little has changed, you can even see a well and natural water spring still producing water from the 8th Century powered by a Camel and a Noria system. The souks or the market place is in excellent state of conservation. You will have free time to explore the medina and test your haggling skills. After lunch we continue our drive to Tozeur via Gafsa. We arrive to Tozeur late afternoon.


Hotel Ras El Ain 4**** Nestling in a magnificent garden facing Tozeur's palm oasis, beside the majestic lanscapes of the desert, the Golden Yasmin Ras El Aïn promises a cool and comfortable stay in the heart of the Tunisian south. Three kilometres from Tozeur airport, close to the town centre and facing the enormous palm oasis, the hotel is ideally located to make the most of your Saharan stay.


Day 3 

Today you wake up in another world, different atmosphere with dry, healthy climate, warm welcoming people and unique architecture. Most of the building are yellow, beige looking, sand and clay baked briks make the city look like a huge sand castle.

We take a tour through the city to start our real Sahara explorer in 4 wheel drive. Off the beaten track to the mountain oases of Chebika Tamerza and Mides,

After crossing the salt lake of Chott El Gharsa, we make a stop in the first mountain oases and trek on it's mountain to see the remains of the medieval abundant old village of Chebika completely deserted after the dramatic flash floods of 1969. Nevertheless, the village oases of Chebika and the landscape surrounding was inhabited by movie makers and film stars instead and it was used as a scene theatre to many movies to name few, star wars, Jesus of Nazareth and Messia. The walking tour should take at least one houraround the mountain area. Not very far from Chebika there is Tamerza, another mountain oases famous for its waterfalls. We stop to admire the erosion and carving made naturally by the force of the water falls and flash floods. Mides is the last oase famous for its canyons and  the ancient roman forteresse of "Mades" is vsisble on the mountain. Mides or Mades was on the border line built by the Romans of what was called the Limes Tripolitanus. It is as important as the Hadrian's wall in North of England. Mides is famous by its Canyon and mud brik houses used as a biblical scene for the film "Jesus of Nazareth" as well as Star Wars. We have picnic lunch in the oases of Mides. After lunch we take the Jeeps again for a ride across the sand dunes to ONG EL JAMAL to see the film set of star wars and experience the real height of the white sand dunes. A stop in Nefta, the ancient Neptae to see its Natural oases and the water springs. Back to the hotel in Tozeur for Dinner and Overnight.

Hotel Ras El Ain 4****


Day 4 Chott El Jerid - (Salt desert)- Douz - (Sand desert) - Matmata (mountain desert)

Today you will see the three types of desert all at the same time. We leave the western south to the gateway of the desert, Douz.. We cross the "Chott El Jerid" once known as the Tritons Lake, it's a vast echoing dried salt lake bordered by the "icy"  petrified sand dunes. You can dig for some sand roses and be wizard by the mirages. we drive in parallel to the remains of the suspension bridge built during the second world war by the "desert fox", the general Rommel. We will have a stop in the middle of the salt lake to see why there are three colours of the water red, green and yellow? A mystery to underpin before you reach Douz.


We arrive to Douz the gateway to the Sahara. A Camel ride is a must to understand the meaning of the "ship of the desert" our local guides are nomades and who could know better the sahara desert...The camel man will take you for at least one hour camel ride across the unique sahara desert.


After lunch we continue our adventure to Matmata. Crossing what is left from Paris Dakar Ralley Road. We drive through the mountain desert, it's a lunar landscape served as an open air theatre and film set for Star wars episodes. Tonight you will spend the night in the same cave where Star wars was shot for the first time in 1976. Dine on the same table as Georges Lucas. Overnight under the stars of Matmata. Sidi Dris Hotel/Cave *


Day 5 Matmata - Bani Khedech - Medenine - Ghomrassen -Tataouine - Djerba.


After the cave dwellings, we cross the wester south through the ridge villages and visit another film location of Star wars Planet Tattoune in Fantome menace episode. The famous Ksar Hdada was a Nomadic storage castle built by stones and mud-bricks and straw.

We reach Djerba Island in late afternoon. Hotel Djerba Plaza 4****


Day 6  At Leisure


Hotel Djerba Plaza 4****


Day 7 Djerba - Gabes - El Jem -  Hammamet.

Drive to El Jem amphitheatre via Gabes. Visit the magnificient 3rd biggest Roman amphitheatre founded in 238AD.

Continue to Hammamet for 2 nights in the hotel de charme Sindbad 5****.


Day 8 City tour of Hammamet &  Nabeul

Half day trip to Hammamet's old town (the Madina) and it's 8th Century forteresse. Continue to Nabeul, the city of ceramics and orange flowers,


Day 9  At Leisure


Day 10 Return scheduled flight

Square maps.google.co.uk/maps?saddr=Tunis,&daddr=Hammamet+to:Kairouan,+Tunisia+to:Tozeur,+Tunisia+to:Nefta,+Tozeur,+Tunisia+to:Oasis+De+Mides,+Tunisia+to:Douz+to:Matmata+to:Medenine+to:Tataouine+to:Djerba+Midoun,+Medenine,+Tunisia+to:Gabes+to:El+jem+to:Hammamet+to:Nabeul+to:Tunis&hl=en&ll=34.894942,13.260498&spn=5.216164,13.084717&sll=34.90575,9.488431&sspn=5.215593,13.084717&geocode=FXrPMQIdyB6bAClD9X5efzP9EjF1AkpxTpJx1g%3BFblvKwIdKvehACmDFawN_GH9EjH_9R0pQcjxCA%3BFfOrIAIdg12UAClNzRrxAin8EjEiDq6zV32qHg%3BFb6jBQIdjRJ8AClNEz0xKMBXEjEDgqUmf8JIDA%3BFfzqBAIdIkt4AClbzSWPmYxXEjFGtfSfAV9DrQ%3BFSMMDQId2NJ4ACklBvweIQX4EjEGz1C6khjcRw%3BFbuU_gEdX8eJACmjio-k8IdWEjGN5usxZ_AK8g%3BFWZ8_gEdvQuVACnTww7CCK1VEjHZsUrttP1_eg%3BFU7d_AEdRiOgAClHUXNmKNZUEjFAPHheId-F8A%3BFQJW9gEd0HefAClzKOlrWbdUEjEtdq3UEfhM2Q%3BFXBfAwIdDzWnACnjApdLxL2qEzFW8f6jgsdrMQ%3BFZUrBQIdfiiaACk30ntIxW9VEjGGelTbm-CASQ%3BFTOlGgIdSmKjAClX0_tQgvwBEzEgXN5LCovBKg%3BFblvKwIdKvehACmDFawN_GH9EjH_9R0pQcjxCA%3BFRc_LAIdgsyjACnT073vlZgCEzH-5JxW0WBdLg%3BFXrPMQIdyB6bAClD9X5efzP9EjF1AkpxTpJx1g&t=h&mra=ls&z=7



Return scheduled flight.( for groups only 20+)


Accomodation in 4 & 5 Star hotels.


4 wheel drive


Entrance to all sites and monuments as per programme.


Guided and escorted by our experienced Tour manager, local guides


*Optionals: Camel ride, Bedouin dinner

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